Candidate for bicycle mayor plans to protest with a can of paint

29 October 2017

Tomorrow, voting starts for the new bicycle mayor of Amsterdam. The most outspoken candidate is Camila Pinzon, who wants to ban scooters from the cycle paths and raise parking fees. Protests should help achieve these goals.

In order to speed up improvements of the bicycle infrastructure, Pinzon wants to go out with a can of paint and re-design dangerous crossings and cycle routes to schools. «Through activism, we will create an awareness among Amsterdammers that things can be improved and that cyclists deserve the space to ride safely.»

Pinzon sees her activism as a continuation of the way in which Amsterdammers have been fighting for a better cycling climate for decades. As the Guardian described it, this involved ‘noisy mass demonstrations with tricycles and megaphones, and nightly ventures to paint illegal bicycle lanes’.

Voting ends on Thursday. In order to vote, you need to go to the Zuidas - perhaps they want to test whether candidates can mobilise people.

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