Plastic bags on bicycle saddles

7 June 2015

The new OEK (the members’ magazine of the Amsterdam chapter of cyclists’ organisation Fietsersbond) features another cool investigation by Pete Jordan. This time, he looked into the plastic supermarket bags Amsterdammers use to keep their bicycle saddles dry. He counted them around the railway stations Sloterdijk, CS and Muiderpoort.

Naturally, AH leads (almost 70% of bags), followed by Vomar, Dirk, Jumbo, Lidl and Plus. The high score for Vomar is remarkable given they don’t have many stores in Amsterdam. My guess would be that Jordan counted Vomar bags mainly around Muiderpoort: there used to be a Vomar around the corner.

The OEK further has an analysis of the city’s mobility policy. There will be more bicycle parking space but also 2,000 additional parking places for cars. In streets like Weteringschans and Kinkerstraat, the maximum speed will be lowered to 30 kmph, but the cycle path will be removed: cyclists will have to share the road with cars. Johan Kerstens predicts that cyclists will be cornered: «Would they divert to tram and bus? Or revolt, just like they had to in the 1970s?»

The OEK can be downloaded here (in Dutch), but if you join the Fietsersbond it will be delivered to your home.

Source: dirkmjk | Categories: Data, Fiets