Illustrating Amsterdam on Wikipedia

1 November 2016

Wikipedia has pages on Amsterdam in 197 languages, 149 of which have at least one image. The editors of different language versions do not generally use the same images to illustrate their page. The graph below shows how often images are used.[1]

Most images appear on only one language page and only a few appear on more than 10 pages.

Popular images

Here are the most popular images and the number of pages they appear on: amsterdamluchtfotobmz: 29; amsterdam airphoto: 26; keizersgrachtreguliersgrachtamsterdam: 26; amsterdam canals - july 2006: 20; river amstel by night - frans koppelaar: 17; zuidasamsterdamthenetherlands: 15; canals of amsterdam - jordaan area: 15; amsterdamdamsquar: 14; amsterdam333: 13; amsterdam 4.89943e 52.37109n: 12; sights in amsterdam: 10; cornelis anthonisz vogelvluchtkaart amsterdam: 10; amsterdam red light district 24–7–2003: 10; view of amsterdam: 10; sint-nicolaaskerk (amsterdam): 9.

The filenames do not always reflect the subject matter of the images, but still they may give an impression. Of the 149 language pages with images, 72 have at least one image with canal in its filename. Other terms include museum (29), church (26), the Zuidas business district (25), red light district (15), bicycle (10) and hash, marihuana or coffee shop (9).[2] This suggests a preference for traditional topics.

Unique images

More interesting than the most popular photos are unique photos - photos used on only one version of the Amsterdam page. Here is a list of language versions with the number of unique photos they contain: Français: 19; Lëtzebuergesch: 16; Italiano: 13; Limburgs: 12; Brezhoneg: 12; English: 10; Nederlands: 9; Čeština: 7; ქართული: 7; Polski: 7; Deutsch: 7; Svenska: 7; Slovenčina: 6; Español: 6; Ελληνικά: 5.

Aperçu de la gamme de bières artisanales de la Brouwerij ’t IJ, en 2008. By Aloxe, CC BY-SA 3.0

The French page is carefully-edited and has some cool photos, including a photochrome of Dam Square and a selection of beer bottles of Brouwerij ’t IJ;[3] the latter illustrates a section on Beer and breweries: from craft to multinationals. As for the Luxembourg page - it appears that one editor has simply dumped his or her holiday pics there.

  1. I only looked at jpg images because svg’s and png’s tend to be pictograms, maps and flags.  ↩

  2. I checked for variations, e.g. fiets, cycle or bike.  ↩

  3. As of 2008; both the bottle and the labels have changed since.  ↩

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