How to say ‘stadsdeel’ in English

26 November 2017 • nua

Wikipedia calls Amsterdam’s stadsdelen boroughs, but News from Amsterdam calls them districts. The official list of translations of municipal terminology, which has recently been updated, may provide guidance. According to the city government, stadsdeel should be translated as City District. »»

Ice-cream parlours, cheese stores and bicycle rentals

19 November 2017 • dirkmjk

The centre of Amsterdam has 177 businesses targeting tourists and shops selling food and drinks for immediate consumption. Those include at least 23 ice-cream parlours, 24 cheese stores and 31 bicycle rentals, according to a list (pdf) published by the Amsterdam Municipality. »»

Acting out ‘Amsterdam cycling traditions’ to sell bicycles

16 November 2017 • nua

A Dutch casting agency is looking for cyclists to appear in an advertisement for Veloretti, a company that produces retro bicycles. They want to act out Amsterdam cycling traditions such as «a bride sitting on a carrier, drunken students stuck in a tram rail, cycling couriers speeding through town and a mother carrying two children, a bag of groceries hanging on the handlebars». »»

Cycle couriers plan protest against piece-rate pay

31 October 2017 • nua

Deliveroo cycle couriers have announced a protest at the Museumplein in Amsterdam on 14 November. Deliveroo wants to cancel employment contracts for 2,000 workers and hire them on bogus self-employment contracts, trade union FNV Riders Union claims. »»

Candidate for bicycle mayor plans to protest with a can of paint

29 October 2017 • nua

Tomorrow, voting starts for the new bicycle mayor of Amsterdam. The most outspoken candidate is Camila Pinzon, who wants to ban scooters from the cycle paths and raise parking fees. Protests should help achieve these goals. »»

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