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11/1 Jurists want to stay in Oudemanhuispoort

8/2 Mayor’s portrait

8/2 Websites for social cohesion

7/2 Spreading tourism proceeds with difficulty

7/2 GroenLinks on districts: Be a man

6/2 Zuideramstel opens new office on Sabbath

5/2 The truth about integration

4/2 Wilders has little support on Amsterdam

3/2 Elite involved in neighbourhood

2/2 Johnnie Walker avoids taxes in Amsterdam

1/2 Rotterdam to tinker with district councils as well

31/1 Wooden rowing boats to disappear from Amstel

31/1 ZeeburgTV launched

27/1 Privacy activists to mess up loyalty card system

27/1 A few were still coughing, but that was an act

27/1 Chrisis in de Baarsjes

26/1 Youth have positive view of districts

24/1 Action groups call for Carmel and Jaffa boycott

24/1 PvdA members dismiss plan for districts

23/1 KLM takes on crisis with new uniform

23/1 District office not squatted

21/1 Merge districts

20/1 Closing squat bar Vrankrijk not necessary

20/1 Cleaners welcome new Schiphol director

18/1 Palestine at the Jewish Historical Museum

18/1 What is the right size for a district?

17/1 PvdA Oost against fewer districts

16/1 Committee: 7 districts by 2010

15/1 Soldiers may attend Afghanistan debate after all

15/1 Bait bike leads to arrest

14/1 Youth for Christ to republish vacancies

13/1 Paintings of the Zuidas

13/1 New Youth for Christ contoversy

11/1 Social cohesion initiative raises eyebrows

10/1 Fewer districts in 2010

10/1 Zuidas: People feel that we are losers

9/1 Fun on the ice - but not for all

9/1 Supermarket coupon fraud thwarted

9/1 I Amsterdam must remain exclusive

8/1 Use term Apartheid in every discussion

8/1 No city kiosk in Amsterdam yet

7/1 Snow

7/1 Fatima Elatik to run Zeeburg

7/1 Municipal managers to return to shop floor

4/1 Police: take photo of strange people

3/1 Gaza protest criticises politicians

1/1 Thousands to protest against attacks on Gaza

1/1 Mustapha Laboui leaves district council


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31/12 Inexperienced captain breaks Keizersgracht ice

24/12 Housing crisis in the Indische buurt

22/12 Still no Jewish Prime Minister

21/12 Protest against Grey Wolves has ritual character

20/12 Amsterdam to monitor privacy and freedom

20/12 E-mail notification of permit applications

18/12 Chief of Police Welten receives highest bonus

16/12 Bicycle now used more often than car

16/12 CDA blocks Aboutaleb charity

13/12 Bible promotion through food bank

13/12 Advice on district system

12/12 Managers: Samurai course to deal with crisis stress

12/12 Millionaire Fair not chic

11/12 No illegally posted bills in Zuideramstel

9/12 VVD: Emergency plan for cars

9/12 Paint bombs against Millionaire Fair

7/12 Council members: do away with term ‘allochtoon

6/12 Sinterklaas survives controversies

6/12 Sargentini candidate to lead GroenLinks in EP

6/12 Indymedia to appear in court

5/12 American union to support dockworkers

30/11 Controversial parties get over 20,000 votes

30/11 Threatened councils want to maintain district

29/11 VVD and D66 behave like colonised people

29/11 Series of protests at Millionaire Fair

28/11 Car club: safety pedestrian's problem

28/11 Obama motion in Zuidoost

28/11 A hundred policemen for eight activists

26/11 Rotterdam adopts Amsterdam protest method

24/11 Left-wing parties argue over economy

24/11 Amsterdam blocked employment programme evaluation

23/11 Damien Hirst staff hit by crisis

23/11 CDA wants Hans Bremer excluded from Water Board

16/11 Bizarre renters' party run by landlord

15/11 No panic at Dam Platz

14/11 Van Thijn had NOlympics infiltrated

12/11 Irritation over PvdA using poverty relief for PR

10/11 Spending continues at the P.C. Hooft

8/11 Why are you feeding those headscarves

8/11 Socialists want to drown rubber duck

8/11 Diemen offended at Palin comparison

5/11 Positive news, but not for AT5

3/11 Union protest at Bijenkorf next Friday

2/11 Students' Obamania criticised

1/11 Zombies shut out of stock exchange

1/11 District Water Board: Voting not important

1/11 Connecting Amsterdammers

31/10 Ombudsman to investigate razzia

31/10 Give anti-poverty money to corporations

29/10 Illegal workers receive minimum wage

25/10 Council member snubbed language police

25/10 Free bicycle for commuters

24/10 Crisis may benefit Amsterdam

23/10 Starbucks predicts financial catastrophe

23/10 Allow Amsterdammers to vote until 10 pm

22/10 Christian youth work for Moroccan youth

18/10 This is not the first collapse

17/10 Where is the environmental movement?

16/10 Amsterdam should get its hands dirty

15/10 The P.C. Hooft will be quieter

15/10 Amsterdam and the crisis

15/10 Fortis problems boost English language website

12/10 GroenLinks: Carfree Queen's Day

12/10 District pays trip to America

11/11 We are living in a heavy metal world

11/11 When the Dutch still wanted to change the world

10/10 Amsterdam cannot just put the unemployed to work

10/10 Failed debate on aid industry

4/10 Credit crunch: The rougher, the better

3/10 Cycling without a street map

2/10 City council member also in district council

1/10 Amsterdam not involved in sale of ABN AMRO

30/9 Chaotic farewell to Accounting Office

29/9 Break between Zuidoost and Accounting Office final

27/9 No political response to razzia report

26/9 Amsterdam background disqualifies MP

26/9 De Baarsjes gives in to council

25/9 Local TV station embraces News from Amsterdam

22/9 Chaos, humiliation and discrimination at razzia

22/9 Carfree day

22/9 No bicycle city title because of districts

22/9 Police caused public order problem

13/9 Art award controversy

13/9 Forced psychiatric treatment

12/9 Irritation may have played role in arrest

12/9 Concerns over outdoor pool

10/9 Municipality reports Workstar to the police

8/9 Arrested for expressing an opinion

7/9 Municipal planner: Zuidas outdated

6/9 Arrest at protest against deportation centres

4/9 Don't give Queen control over palace

3/9 Stalinist rule: problems for welfare recipient

2/9 Squatters like flower children

1/9 Rubber duck spotted

31/8 Museum right to display Damien Hirst

30/8 Bridge commemorates anti-Nazi resistance

30/8 Amsterdam lax on integrity

25/8 Amsterdammers at Democratic Convention

24/8 Duyvendak welcome in council

24/8 The activist past of council members

22/8 When on holiday, Amsterdammer misses computer

20/8 Duyvendak pied

20/8 Dalai Lama: Sarkozy or Amsterdam?

19/8 Careritas: new bid to support job seekers

18/8 Anti-racism meeting not about Cohen

17/8 Starbucks Amsterdam may face protests

17/8 Plastic bags to be banned

16/8 Should cylists wear wig?

15/8 Febo not weird enough

14/8 Secret North Korea mission

9/8 Shame on you, Wijnand

8/8 Palestine exhibition not anti-Semitic

5/8 GeenStijl versus Google Street View

5/8 Clients investigate welfare agency

3/8 Silly season in Amsterdam

31/7 Vodou blog

28/7 Workstar strikes back

26/7 Indymedia punished for anti-police demo

24/7 Workstar accused of swindle

23/7 Black is beautiful

23/7 Marcouch against stop and search

21/7 Dutch Facebook: Bos en Lommer rules

20/7 Local intelligence service does not cancel benefit

18/7 New workfare scam

18/7 Protest against private equity

18/7 Slotervaart fed up with aggressive salemen

16/7 Bos en Lommer shows complaints on Google Maps

15/7 Wireless Internet for crowd control

13/7 No taboo on anti Wilders poster

12/7 Lightning hits historic building

12/7 New York dwarfs Zuidoost subsidy affair

12/7 Unemployed treated as merchandise

10/7 VVD questions subsidy for Gülen movement

9/7 Accounting Office and Zuidoost still talking

9/7 XS4ALL clients reluctant to donate

5/7 Christus Koning Church probably saved

2/7 Zuidoost is like Volendam

1/7 Not a real calamity

1/7 Money wasted on vague social cohesion initiative

29/6 Zuidoost wants cheaper heating

27/6 Centrum to support bat

25/6 Tourists must behave

24/6 Crackdown on truants put on hold

24/6 Welfare agency sends 290 apologies

23/6 Reconciliation over slavery remembrance

22/6 Bicycle cities compete with Amsterdam

20/6 Angry Mediamatic to give away books

20/6 Webmaster wanted for questioning

18/6 Suburb dwellers oppose anti-car measures

18/6 Legal advice for blogger and internet start-up

17/6 More districts may join anonymous job application pilot

16/6 Cleaners want eight-hour working day

13/6 De Baarsjes must stop harassing youth

13/6 Discontent over Zuideramstel decision making

11/6 Invest in Beirut film screening

11/6 Retro trams in Amsterdam this summer

8/6 Zuideramstel complains about nimbies

7/6 Subsidy affair at PvdA congress

7/6 Scaled-down Rijksmuseum success

5/6 Demonstration against private equity

4/6 Only whites at new railway station

3/6 Bicycle policies attract Japanese outings

1/6 Confrontation completes squatters' CV

31/5 Feeling uncanny at the Museumplein

31/5 Bijenkorf metro stop

30/5 Pol Pot Trophy for PVV Member of Parliament

30/5 Hope for refuge Ostade 233

29/5 Oud-West does not listen to residents

27/5 Europe needs an army

25/5 GroenLinks wants democratic metropolis

25/5 Police waiting for packed lunch

23/5 Blue bicycle for Amsterdam commuter

21/5 No alcohol ban at VVD party

21/5 Police to search for criminals on Facebook

20/5 City needs to close car parks

17/5 Utterly pointless stop and search operation

16/5 Pillory against dog dirt

16/5 Ashrawi: We're Europe's neighbours

15/5 Pedestrian sign to remain male

12/5 Share your photos of Amsterdam

10/5 The police and the running coloured man

9/5 Oost: doubts about stop and search

7/5 Mayor's visit to Zeeburg backfires

5/5 Protest sign removed from Remembrance

4/5 Four trips to China

3/5 Amsterdam politicians dominate Dutch Facebook

30/4 Parool wrote sparingly about Fitna hype

30/4 Police watch live footage from supermarket

30/4 Over 180 objections to shutting down fountain

28/4 Local TV as social worker

27/4 Build Zuidas without corporations

26/4 Vinkzicht buildings saved for now

26/4 Anarchists saved by recess

26/4 Welfare agency misuses home care money

25/4 Municipality must crack down on housing speculation

25/4 Ravage roofless?

24/4 Opposition Zuidoost walks out as well

23/4 Marcouch: Security guards to have diploma after all

23/4 Security guards must have uniform and bicycle

21/4 Triads frustrate Chinatown development

20/4 Amsterdam forgot anniversary

18/4 Outcome study trip unclear

15/4 No public money to bad employers

14/4 Hospital offers halal baby food

12/4 People without social assistance disappear from sight

12/4 Pampering animals to trump Schiphol

11/4 MP wants to put on riot gear

9/4 Exaggerated fear of blind spot accidents

9/4White bicycle: Amsterdam awaits Utrecht

9/4 Fuck the students' council

5/4 Failed imitation of IAmsterdam

5/4 Piet van der Lende: resistance will return

4/4 Brazilian president Lula on state visit

4/4 New magazine intends to stimulate debate

2/4 Zeeburg must stop supporting Grey Wolves

30/3 In Get Records we lose a good friend

30/3 Eigen Kracht centre in Amsterdam

30/3 Campaign to save Amsterdam Weekly

28/3 ZuiderAmstel opposition walks out angry

24/3 Yet another record shop to close

21/3 Electronics in your clothes

20/3 Campaign for fair sportswear at Olympics

19/3 Repeal The Hague Invasion Act

19/3 Teddy bears against racism

17/3 We shouldn't run away from each other

17/3 I'm afraid I don't have a bikini

14/3 No controversy over Koran posters

14/3 Don't cut costs at the expense of traffic wardens

12/3 Council members may be urged to take integrity test

11/3 TV show: undress for success

9/3 Looking at black people

7/3 Eight district council members have broken the law

5/3 Chinatown 1972

5/3 Bicycle flat in the Hague as well

4/3 Unions should talk to Geert Wilders followers

3/3 GroenLinks wants Nelson Mandela Square

2/3 Schiphol hides behind competition

2/3 Joop den Uyl graisse son vélo

28/2 White bicycle plan considered after all

28/2 Palestine 1948

27/2 VVD: city must deal with SUVs

27/2 Protest against phasing out of subsidised jobs

22/2 No secrecy over satellite dish permit

21/2 Den Uyl wanted to ruin city

20/2 Do something about polluting scooter

20/2 Investigate suspect property transactions

17/2 Comedy against child labour

15/2 No Save the DAF campaign

15/2 Smiling clown to appear in court

15/2 Council members not malicious but naive

15/2 GroenLinks award for Karin Spaink

13/2 Resistance in the Rivierenbuurt

9/2 Westerpark to organise referendum

9/2 Council members refuse to hand in RAI courtesy card

7/2 Jobs on the side not the answer to labour shortage

4/2 ING Bank's student bicycle plan not unique

4/2 3,600 euro apartments squatted

3/2 Campaign against Kleenex worker

3/2 Michèl Tromp (VVD) best district council member

1/2 Council members divided over Accounting Office

30/1 City council to propose social contracting

30/1 More council members voted despite conflict of interests

30/1 Cleaners win 10 euro contract

29/1 Sponsored election in Florida

28/1 Felling of Javastraat trees started

26/1 Anti-Islam manifestation

26/1 Complaints about cyclists nothing new

26/1 Javastraat trees saved - for a while

26/1 Volunteer music festival

24/1 Hash ban evaluation biased

20/1 Council member to observe Florida primary

20/1 Benefit cut because of critical remarks

20/1 Athenaeum to sell books in museum

16/1 Undocumented worker entitled to damages

14/1 Protest against squatters

11/1 Elms threaten 2 million euro subsidy

9/1 As long as it's a Democrat

7/1 Scientology exhibition at Post CS

6/1 Amsterdam neoliberal city

3/1 Rubber duck adrift

3/1 Anti-Islam bloggers


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