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11/1 Jurists want to stay in Oudemanhuispoort

8/2 Mayor’s portrait

8/2 Websites for social cohesion

7/2 Spreading tourism proceeds with difficulty

7/2 GroenLinks on districts: Be a man

6/2 Zuideramstel opens new office on Sabbath

5/2 The truth about integration

4/2 Wilders has little support on Amsterdam

3/2 Elite involved in neighbourhood

2/2 Johnnie Walker avoids taxes in Amsterdam

1/2 Rotterdam to tinker with district councils as well

31/1 Wooden rowing boats to disappear from Amstel

31/1 ZeeburgTV launched

27/1 Privacy activists to mess up loyalty card system

27/1 A few were still coughing, but that was an act

27/1 Chrisis in de Baarsjes

26/1 Youth have positive view of districts

24/1 Action groups call for Carmel and Jaffa boycott

24/1 PvdA members dismiss plan for districts

23/1 KLM takes on crisis with new uniform

23/1 District office not squatted

21/1 Merge districts

20/1 Closing squat bar Vrankrijk not necessary

20/1 Cleaners welcome new Schiphol director

18/1 Palestine at the Jewish Historical Museum

18/1 What is the right size for a district?

17/1 PvdA Oost against fewer districts

16/1 Committee: 7 districts by 2010

15/1 Soldiers may attend Afghanistan debate after all

15/1 Bait bike leads to arrest

14/1 Youth for Christ to republish vacancies

13/1 Paintings of the Zuidas

13/1 New Youth for Christ contoversy

11/1 Social cohesion initiative raises eyebrows

10/1 Fewer districts in 2010

10/1 Zuidas: People feel that we are losers

9/1 Fun on the ice - but not for all

9/1 Supermarket coupon fraud thwarted

9/1 I Amsterdam must remain exclusive

8/1 Use term Apartheid in every discussion

8/1 No city kiosk in Amsterdam yet

7/1 Snow

7/1 Fatima Elatik to run Zeeburg

7/1 Municipal managers to return to shop floor

4/1 Police: take photo of strange people

3/1 Gaza protest criticises politicians

1/1 Thousands to protest against attacks on Gaza

1/1 Mustapha Laboui leaves district council


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29/12 Nervousness over Quran film by Wilders

22/12 Security firms take over public space

18/12 Muslims distribute meat to the homeless

18/12 Pastor punished for anti-Madonna bomb hoax

16/12 Guerrilla concert at Schiphol

15/12 Travellers overcharged

12/12 Amsterdam creates its own poverty

12/12 EU approves investment in fibre network

12/12 Visit the Louvre in Dijon

12/12 Few angry white voters

9/12 No anti-Wilders demo

8/12 Kok is selling books in Hong Kong

8/12 Indymedia may be sued over photos

7/12 Don't speak Arabic or English in public

6/12 Protesting cleaners storm ING Bank

5/12 Search of Ravage editorial office justified

5/12 Oud-Zuid to the rescue of house sparrow

1/12 Soothing plants

1/12 Metropole without government

1/12 Photo of royals not on Indymedia

28/11 Noise parade against car park

28/11 Leaning trees

28/11 Power neighbourhoods for the rich

28/11 Brad Pitt on the Amstel

23/11 Housing former prisoners example for other cities

23/11 Undocumented made to pay for care if not bleeding

22/11 Number of working poor rising

21/11 Cleaners fed up with intimidation

21/11 Minister Rouvoet must visit West

17/11 Cleaners ready to take on multinationals

15/11 Buttock pinchers from Amsterdam

14/11 Alliance against poverty

14/11 Metro thirty years old

11/11 Amsterdam most bicycle-friendly city

11/11 Instruction video on cycling in Amsterdam

10/11 Television news criticised over booby trap story

9/11 Activist El Mesri best neighbour

9/11 Improve support for ex-prisoners

9/11 Public transport to Westerpark

8/11 Green wave for cyclists tested

7/11 British journalists in Amsterdam

5/11 Police lied about booby trap in squat

4/11 Journalists protest against poverty wages

3/11 Head-hunters

3/11 PvdA: Navy out of Amsterdam

31/10 Do you please want to clean the fridge?

31/10 Thousands El Hema t-shirts sold

31/10 Police discriminate during stop and search

27/10 Slotervaart banlieue after all?

25/10 Website against meddlesome police

25/10 Union protest at opera premiere

24/10 Horror as a hobby

24/10 Spray paint against rioters

21/10 Petition for Arte on cable

19/10 Council member joins Verdonk

18/10 Aguilera as torture device

18/10 Little consideration for activist media

18/10 Protest against De Ruyter worship

16/10 We also try to have fun here

16/10 Ghost letter warns of high parking fees

14/10 Controversy over use of razzia

12/10 Council not given incorrect information

10/10 Free bicycle for schoolkids

9/10 Protest after immigrant death

8/10 Trade union thrown out of hotel

7/10 Higher parking fees: timing essential

7/10 Islam debate will not stop

7/10 Don't use port for oil speculation

6/10 Art dog behind Central Station

6/10 Toy bear receives blessing

6/10 Muziektheater employees prepare for protest

6/10 Save historic farm building

28/9 Protest against sidewalk cyclists

28/9 Amsterdam leads way in voting

28/9 Stalinist photo editing

28/9 Open source successful

26/9 Raising parking fees inevitable

26/9 Support for cleaners' campaign

26/9 Mini sinks on carfree day

24/9 Airport blockade conviction upheld

24/9 Equal opportunity tours

23/9 Carfree day

23/9 Rivierenbuurt weblog threatens to stop

23/9 Problems Southern Europeans underestimated

22/9 Higher parking fees not harmful

21/9 Amsterdam wants halal mortgage

20/9 Mikhael Subotzky

20/9 Council member supports Rita Verdonk

20/9 Bizarre week at Schiphol

20/9. Stop pointless fines for homeless

19/9 Gehrels wants mediator for PvdA

17/9 Rainy bicycle initiative

17/9 Decision on open source in December

16/9 Athenaeum wants to publish Mein Kampf

16/9 Drunken cyclist convicted

12/9 No Vélib' in Amsterdam

12/9 Welfare agency man to the rescue

10/9 Questions about anti-discrimination policy

9/9 Slouching policemen

7/9 Demolition Christus Koning church almost certain

5/9 Welfare agency too harsh on psychiatric patients

5/9 University president earns 147,900 euro

1/9 PvdA: second thoughts about squatting

1/9 Let the Netherlands ride a bike

31/8 Out of prison, but no income

31/8 Protest against recruitment

29/8 For controversial Tintin, visit Lambiek

29/8 Those are artists' houses

29/8 Hema to meet with activists

28/8 Zuidoost council members may face tax problems

26/8 I am El Hema

25/8 Over 183 million for new district offices

23/8 Re-open canals

22/8 Urban tales to draw locals to docklands

21/8 Der Spiegel: Amsterdam cool city after all

17/8 CDA quoted far right organisation

15/8 Iconoclasm at the Nieuwe Kerk

15/8 Lese majesty in Amsterdam

12/8 Sex refugees, halal meat and election fraud

10/8 Painter Spaltro has eyes on Italian prize

7/8 Ties with Morocco bad for integration

5/8 Threatened Jerusalem Express in pictures

5/8 Chemist takes law into own hands

3/8 Impostor assists police

3/8 Ymere pushes demolition plans trough

3/8 Complaints office not just for Muslims

2/8 Long wait for wheelchair

1/8 Sleeping at Schiphol for free

29/7 Cool dishwasher turns bicycle activist

29/7 No one looks through net curtains

25/7 Abandoned bicycles to be removed

23/7 VVD wants answers on home inspections

23/7 Inspections: VVD rejects ethnic profiling

23/7 City parrots turn wild

19/7 Welfare rules have no legal force

18/7 Amsterdam example for conservatives

17/7 Criminals drive smaller cars

17/7 Fewer complaints about home inspections

16/7 Mushroom victims often British

15/7 Damn, the Amsterdam tram

15/7 Kinkerstraat Hema most popular

13/7 Weblog video training material for police

13/7 No engine for train to Brussels

12/7 PvdA not angry with Zwagerman

10/7 Rabbits treated badly

9/7 Explain cargo tram to citizens

9/7 Minister signs for public transport Westerpark

7/7 Orsini Bomb at Van Gogh Museum

7/7 Chaos predicted at new library

6/7 Asscher sends VVD to pearl necklace gatherings

6/7 Arnhem gets pig in a poke

6/7 Smaller PvdA 'better for democracy'

4/7 Between pampering and hounding

4/7 PvdA Zuidoost expells three council members

3/7 PvdA supports anonymous job applications in Westerpark

2/7 Green wave for cyclists

1/7 District council members distrust minority colleagues

29/6 Westerpark wants anonymous job application pilot

28/6 Zuidoost: no proof of clientelism

27/6 Cargo bicycle to reduce pollution

27/6 Oost to let grass grow

26/6 What to do with the Dubai sheikh

25/6 Arrest only criminal illegal immigrants

24/6 No Nazi-symbol at Zuidas

23/6 Voting machines 5 kg too heavy

22/6 RAF planned Leidseplein assassination

22/6 Clients leave environment unfriendly banks

22/6 IS do have terrorism nostalgia

20/6 VVD criticises cause for raid

20/6 Addicts to fight bicycle theft

20/6 Demonstration for Zuidoost food bank

20/6 Car free day highly popular

19/6 No terrorism nostalgia among IS

18/6 Rutte: environment will have to wait

16/6 These are my women, mister

15/6 Social movement controversy over violence

15/6 No observers at elections

14/6 Cruise ships need second sea lock

14/6 Amsterdam should introduce anonymous job applications

13/6 Baarsjes wants to criminalise youth

13/6 City council not to discuss Iraq

12/6 Sustainable polluter

12/6 Higher relapse into welfare

10/6 Bus service privatisation great success

10/6 Barcelona success revives white bicycle plan

9/6 Invest in your favourite artist

9/6 Chinatown in danger

9/6 Telegraaf in citizen journalism initiative

9/6 Vague film about Afghanistan

9/6 No ticket for speeding Queen

7/6 Metro to the airport

6/6 Hawaiian shirt betrays attacker

6/6 Less fraud among Zwolle homeless

6/6 GroenLinks wants nonconformist museum

6/6 French Fries Cowboys

6/6 Police inspections

4/6 Hema falling into wrong hands

3/6 Bomb car wrecks at the Leidseplein

2/6 Protest against defence exhibitions successful

1/6 VVD willing to refurbish mosque

1/6 Hidden welfare and ghost students

30/5 Baghdad car bomb wreck delayed

30/5 Helicopter searches for canabis plantations

30/5 New integration courses introduced rashly

28/5 Clubs refuse MP

28/5 Expel Black critics from PvdA Zuidoost

28/5 Parool saved by tabloid format

28/5 Too old to wash dishes

28/5 Welfare agency does not discriminate

21/5 Polizei with water pistols

21/1 Do not import role model

20/5 Let Arnhem have national museum

20/5 District does not refuse food to old people

17/5 Docklands example for Barcelona

16/5 Blossoms shut down fountain

16/5 Wehrmacht holiday pictures

14/5 Cargo tram could be tourist attraction

14/5 Collision

13/5 Touristic ghettoization

12/5. Geert Mak wants Iraq investigation

12/5. Workfare not effective

9/5. Princess Máxima co-owner of Hema department stores

8/5. Police ill-mannered prior to remembrance

3/5. Union critical of workfare programmes

1/5. Stricter rules for bicycle taxis

30/4. What to do with the palace?

29/4. Evict the queen from the palace

28/4. What is this Balkenende trying to hide

28/4. Investigation into zombie affair

26/4. Every month car free

26/4. 500 Amsterdammers have Anderland passport

25/4. No food for illegal residents

25/4. Mega lawsuit against home inspections

24/4. March against oppression

24/4. Citizens responsible for weapon transports

23/4. Bridge is sprayed

22/4. Iraq investigation after all

22/4. Tourist eats in squat

20/4. Anybody knows jobseeker programmes do not work

20/4. Mayor curtails freedom

19/4. ZuiderAmstel terminates ISS contract

19/4. Schiphol dumps sick cleaners

15/4. Nieuwe Kerk disqualifies itself by censorship

15/4. Photographer forced to delete photos of police action

14/4. Amsterdam snitches subsidies

14/4. New Amsterdam School

14/4. Tasteless Velvet Underground

14/4. Protest Korean 'Schiphol fire'

11/4. Alderman: Polish workers welcome

11/4. Free daily de Pers to leave Amsterdam in peace

11/4. Welfare agency must respect privacy

10/4. Dibi angry with immigrants

9/4. Queen's Day free market to prevent riots

9/4. Spying neighbourhood residents

8/4. We had expected Canadians

7/4. Persia at the Hermitage

7/4. Less fraud among homeless

5/4. 22 shoe shops at the Kalverstraat

5/4. UvA too elitist for minority students

4/4. Artists to draw tourists to Oud-West

2/4. Biological Hema sausages

2/4. Wanted: deaf criminal

1/4. Tax haven attracts Hummer too

28/3. Korea wants to learn from Schiphol fire

28/3. Minister: districts to stay

28/3. Police conciliatory after booby trap

27/3. Christian-Democrats: Gay policy anti-religious

26/3. Action group wants to buy Hema chain

24/3. Squatters angry over booby trap story

23/3. University no place for anti-Wilders meeting

23/3. Secretive integration week

22/3. GroenLinks to keep track of council meeting attendance

22/3. Citizen journalism not very successful yet

21/3. Arabic channel unhappy with rejection of RTL7

21/3. Bicycle racks between flower boxes

21/3. Still shortage of bicycle classes

19/3. Tyre service

19/3. Cannabis prohibition has follower after all

18/3. Cactus

17/3. New York Museum in West-Indies House

17/3. Twin city bad for Amsterdam

16/3. Wilders targets Amsterdam

15/3. Cindy Sheehan comes to Amsterdam

14/3. Evictions video

14/3. Partisan support for the homeless

14/3. Carlien Boelhouwer most voted

12/3. Unemployed may not talk to the press

11/3. Hennah Buyne to succeed Aboutaleb

10/3. CDA collects coffeeshop complaints

9/3. Minister reprimands power company on cut-offs

9/3 Between Hokusai and Art Déco

9/3 Trees at camp city nomads to be cut

7/3 Election outcome

7/3 Cargo tram a bit madness

7/3 Confidence in feasibility cargo tram

6/3 Last minute voting assistance

6/3 Elections: Neck-and-neck race

4/3 PvdA wants rent increases dealt with


3/3. Bomb alert at UPC

1/3 Housing corporations hunt for points to raise rent

28/2 Municipality should establish design award

28/2 Mayor Beijing should visit trade union

26/2 VVD supports Aboutaleb

26/2 Forty million for elections

25/2 Especially now

25/2 No successor for Aboutaleb

21/2 No explanation after Van Gogh murder

19/2 Concerto best record shop

19/2 Mapping the city

17/2 Book on Islam racist

16/2 Debate on Europe getting started

14/2 Study of Islamic fashion

14/2 Role businesses in Zuidas risky

14/2 VVD hands out lollypops

13/2 Mosque: mayor interferes

11/2 Province: almost no candidates from West

10/2 Profits for businesses, losses for government

10/2 Complaint against UPC sales methods

9/2 Only in Rotterdam more polluted streets

8/2 Restoration of Amsterdam School façades

8/2 Snow not up to expectations

7/2 Osdorp bicycle-friendly

7/2 Mayor must save controversial mosque

6/2 Xenophobia bad for economy

6/2 Minister uses faulty data

6/2 Hippies blow up tank

5/2 Wrapping chewing gum for social assistance

5/2 Army assists police

5/2 Cargo tram not realistic

4/2 Even Elvis uses tax haven Amsterdam

4/2 Bussemaker to succeed Aboutaleb

4/2 Trade union against toll booths

3/2 Guerilla chic at the Tropenmuseum

3/2 PvdA: anti-SP manual

2/2 SP in ZuiderAmstel after all

1/2 Struggles with police at Central Station

1/2 Social-Democrats content with Mirandastrook plans

31/1 Rivierenbuurt website most influential

30/1 Triple premium for chasing away unemployed

29/1 Remkes still wants rid of districts

29/1 Name bridge after Jewish ice-cream parlour

28/1 White bicycles in Paris

27/1 Opinion: take back toxic waste

27/1 Winter sun no joke

27/1 University chases foreign students away

27/1 Bicycle light leniency in Amsterdam

27/1 Bollywood is popular

26/1 Clown will not get ID in Amsterdam

25/1 Poverty own fault?

25/1 Remkes to meet district chairpersons

24/1 Social assistance agency arrogant, impolite and insolent

24/1 Neigbourhood news now hot in Amsterdam as well

23/1 Protest against arrests at Central Station

23/1 Aboutaleb ideal partner for Christian-Democrats

22/1 Screen in shop shows neighbourhood website

19/1 Squatters open gallery at Ferdinand Bol

19/1 University: classes without coffee break

18/1 Entire SP ZuiderAmstel may step down

18/1 Illegal imams

18/1 Children may be blown off their feet

17/1 More burkas in West

17/1 No weapons burning at Dam Square

16/1 No fine for wrong bicycle light

15/1 Squatter collects in Poland

15/1 D66 alarmed: clocks indicate wrong time

13/1 Andy Warhol club

12/1 Akzo Nobel moves to Zuidas, union concerned

12/1 Not surprised about integration hanky panky

12/1 Amsterdam to vote with pencil again

11/1 Amsterdammers create climate forrest

11/1 Bijstandsbond may go to court over electricity cut-off

10/1 Döner kebab at Central Station

10/1 Mailbox companies controversy

10/1 Cyclists are content

9/1 Success integration project exaggerated

7/1 Streetlamps Damrak to go

5/1 Social-Democrats question voting machine

5/1 Students launch digital action forum

5/1 VVD wants more decisive administration

3/1 Treatment Probo Koala waste will take months

3/1 Bos en Lommer district of the year

2/1 Mayor critical of personal freedom


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