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11/1 Jurists want to stay in Oudemanhuispoort

8/2 Mayor’s portrait

8/2 Websites for social cohesion

7/2 Spreading tourism proceeds with difficulty

7/2 GroenLinks on districts: Be a man

6/2 Zuideramstel opens new office on Sabbath

5/2 The truth about integration

4/2 Wilders has little support on Amsterdam

3/2 Elite involved in neighbourhood

2/2 Johnnie Walker avoids taxes in Amsterdam

1/2 Rotterdam to tinker with district councils as well

31/1 Wooden rowing boats to disappear from Amstel

31/1 ZeeburgTV launched

27/1 Privacy activists to mess up loyalty card system

27/1 A few were still coughing, but that was an act

27/1 Chrisis in de Baarsjes

26/1 Youth have positive view of districts

24/1 Action groups call for Carmel and Jaffa boycott

24/1 PvdA members dismiss plan for districts

23/1 KLM takes on crisis with new uniform

23/1 District office not squatted

21/1 Merge districts

20/1 Closing squat bar Vrankrijk not necessary

20/1 Cleaners welcome new Schiphol director

18/1 Palestine at the Jewish Historical Museum

18/1 What is the right size for a district?

17/1 PvdA Oost against fewer districts

16/1 Committee: 7 districts by 2010

15/1 Soldiers may attend Afghanistan debate after all

15/1 Bait bike leads to arrest

14/1 Youth for Christ to republish vacancies

13/1 Paintings of the Zuidas

13/1 New Youth for Christ contoversy

11/1 Social cohesion initiative raises eyebrows

10/1 Fewer districts in 2010

10/1 Zuidas: People feel that we are losers

9/1 Fun on the ice - but not for all

9/1 Supermarket coupon fraud thwarted

9/1 I Amsterdam must remain exclusive

8/1 Use term Apartheid in every discussion

8/1 No city kiosk in Amsterdam yet

7/1 Snow

7/1 Fatima Elatik to run Zeeburg

7/1 Municipal managers to return to shop floor

4/1 Police: take photo of strange people

3/1 Gaza protest criticises politicians

1/1 Thousands to protest against attacks on Gaza

1/1 Mustapha Laboui leaves district council


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31/12 Uninspired ideas on advertising

31/12 Van Gogh murder affects housing market

29/12 Rembrandt exactly like Bob Ross

29/12 SP against elite care at Slotervaart

28/12 Municipality wants bank loans for prostitutes

27/12 Healthier thanks to Oosterpark

22/12 VVD: glass fibre municipal responsibility

22/12 Digitenne to carry At5 after all

22/12 Tip theft in the Watergraafsmeer

21/12 Gas and electricity with Christmas after all

20/12 Council wants rid of Microsoft

20/12 Boycott against Blue Man theatre group

19/12 Elvira Sweet: step down in case of hanky-panky

19/12 Boss has to fill the shelves

18/12 SP district council member had rather extreme ideas

16/12 This website can be improved

14/12 Turkish Amsterdammers appreciate exhibition

14/12 Ottoman treasures at the Nieuwe Kerk

13/12 KPN sensitive to news channel protest

12/12 Specimen of imperiousness

11/12 'Teach SP some manners'

10/12 Cities do not want illegals premium

6/12 'Burka was already banned'

4/12 Islam Party wants crisis manager Islamic College

4/12 Westerpark wants hybrid cars for car sharing

4/12 Umbrella robber caught

4/12 Emancipation machine falters

2/12 Alternative summit on 20 May

2/12 White Nikes betray tourist

30/11 Partial closure Red Light District

29/11 SP wants to work with businesses to fight poverty

29/11 Campaign against calling women names

28/11 Paris wants to stay ahead of Zuidas

28/11 Citizens do not understand Top City

25/11 Amsterdam more important for GroenLinks

25/11 Paquay back in city council

24/11 ZuiderAmstel wants corporate social responsibility

24/11 Cargo tram pilot expected soon

24/11 More male and white MP's

23/11 Local VVD supports Mark Rutte

23/11 Women ask Elatik for bicycle lessons

23/11 Socialists win in Amsterdam as well

22/11 'Fate Wouter Bos omen for Ségolène Royal'

22/11 Al Jazeera 'piece of cake'

22/11 Christmas decoration illegal

21/11 Last-minute voting help

19/11 Green Party most Amsterdam-friendly

19/11 Amsterdam wants rid of ADM free space

16/11 ZuiderAmstel cannot block investigation

15/11 VVD: social criteria for companies

15/11 Air pollution caused by fireplace and moped

15/11 Bike patrols fight pollution

11/11 Amsterdam link to tax havens

11/11 No Baarsjes promotion

11/11 Revolution Square, Amsterdam

11/11 De Geus was a communist

10/11 Top players in work programme cash in

9/11 OSCE to monitor Dutch elections

9/11 Bijstandsbond: stop gas and electricity cut-offs

8/11 Even Fatima Elatik rides a bicycle these days

8/11 Cycling courses for cleaners

8/11 Fast train Almere-Schiphol

8/11 Art on the streets

8/11 Rocket launched at newspaper printer

4/11 US elections: Not a Republican to be found

3/11 Autumn in Amsterdam

2/11 Social-Democrats want more balconies

1/11 Critical organisation to lose subsidy

1/11 Come vote in Amsterdam

1/11 Green Party: to polling station by car

1/11 'Vote for affordable rent'

31/10 'No reason for panic over anti-fur manifestation'

30/10 Sturdy tractors

30/10 Triumph for voting pencil

30/10 Districts: media blunder

28/10 Bicycle should be in canon

27/10 VVD banners from 16 euro

26/10 Trade union survey in West

24/10 Districts must merge

19/10 Council: cancel illegals premium

19/10 Messy ZuiderAmstel policies investigated

19/10 Set children free

18/10 Have voting machine tested

18/10 Monday rent protest

15/10 Abuse of subsidies in Zuidoost

12/10 'Nuon CEO earns too much'

12/10 Campaign against housing liberalisation

11/10 Islam Party not in Amsterdam

11/10 Students, addicts and artists

11/10 Illegals premium called into question

11/10 Samira Abbos: Vote with mind and heart

9/10 I find everything suspicious

6/10 No support for alderman's resistance against car free day

6/10 ING wants toll booths

5/10 Fate of Javastraat elms sealed

4/10 Turkish students protest at PvdA

4/10 GroenLinks: premium for arresting undocumented inhumane

4/10 UMTS mast to be removed from Troelstra school

3/10 'Aboutaleb: apologize to homeless'

3/10 Refuse to carry out razzias

1/10 Not dull anymore

27/9 Pop art from Iran

27/9 Building creatively

27/9 Griffith moves to 5th position

27/9 The social state of Amsterdam

23/9 Students protest against security

23/9 Literature

22/9 Opposition: investigate elections

22/9 Amsterdam 1986

20/9 Job instead of work placement

20/9 Voting tourism to Zeevang

20/9 ZuiderAmstel: SP wants an apology

18/9 Promised work placements not delivered

16/9 Posters that make people laugh

14/9 Mileage charge experiment

13/9 Jihad - that means something doesn't it!

13/9 'Just throw away UPC decoder'

13/9 Voting from abroad

12/9 Undocumented staying over

11/9 ChristenUnie approaches CDA

11/9 Peijs visits pro-life church

11/9 Broeinest kicks off new season

8/9 Save the neighbourhood shop

7/9 Folding Surinamese headscarves

6/9 Karabulut's rapid rise in politics

6/9 Disturbances at the polling station

4/9 Do away with 'allochtoon'

3/9 Amsterdam, September 2001

3/9 Districts to be curtailed

1/9 New York emulates Febo

30/8 Bus protest helps Arnhem

28/8 Youth, hope and future in Oud-West

27/8 Amsterdam is small, cute and beautiful

25/8 Hero's cap

24/8 Car trouble

23/8 The Mayor goes to Venice

23/8 Blowverbod is not working

20/8 No swimming at the Visserplein

19/8 VVD caught in its own trap

18/8 Anti-Semitism mainly in Amsterdam

16/8 Die-in against weapon transports

16/8 No campaign for Cohen

15/8 Christian Democrats: two candidates from Amsterdam

11/8 Warhol at the Stedelijk

11/8 'Amsterdam closes Red Light District'

11/8 Christian-Democrats elect leader in Amsterdam

10/8 Stubborn slogan

10/8 ‘Create a deregulated boom town

9/8 Philanthropist in Oost

8/8 To The Hague?

5/8 Half cycle without light

5/8 Colours that almost clash

5/8 Repeat offenders released

2/8 Paul Scheffer gets his way

2/8 Wild animals policy

2/8 Little elephant to break branches

31/7 Voting with machine costs million euro more

29/7 City guide writers love Amsterdam

29/7 Amsterdam cools down

28/7 Last chance: free language courses

27/7 Choose your own polling station

27/7 Kwakoe entire week

25/7 Complaints about bicycle paths

25/7 New director for war institute

23/7 Thief escapes from cycling nuns

22/7 Air hostesses at the Stedelijk

22/7 Thousands march against Israel

21/7 Council member questions voting machines

20/7 Paradiso pinches Bijlmer subsidy

20/7 Green light for cyclists

18/7 Manifestions for and against Israel

16/7 Forget about the Potato Eaters

14/7 To Beijing in a Mustang

14/7 Murder good for business

12/7 Protest against voting machine

10/7 Amsterdã on TV in Rio

10/7 Election campaign starts

9/7 Amsterdammers want social companies

9/7 Campaigning for a social Zuidas

5/7 Cosmopolitans in Oost

4/7 Home care at the post office

2/7 Stepping down because of subsidy

1/7 'Elections! I am ready'

1/7 Floating monuments

30/6 Black front was a myth

27/6 Zeeburg becomes whiter

24/6 Parkstad Safari

23/6 Amsterdam Weekly on the internet

22/6 City centre is moving north

21/6 Wet bridges

20/6 Ascot in Amsterdam West

17/6 Railroad maintenance

17/6 Homeless to be inspected

14/6 Blind to test swimming pool

11/6 Centrum and Oud Zuid most intellectual

8/6 Swimming pool ceases to be hip

8/6 Show-offs under scrutiny

5/6 Complaint against police

4/6 No social conditions Zuidas millions

2/6 Heart attack in police cell

Rights for the undocumented

Squatters versus writers

FlexKantina to fight exploitation

Hirsi Ali affair: new council member

No news from New Amsterdam

Conservative takeover

Children in jail

Voting pencil to become art

Verdonk: Amsterdam a banana republic

The right to be lazy

Police search was bluff

Petition against asphalt

AA/DG to focus on environment

Silver in the Hermitage

Homeless victim of ID-law

Fashion magazine for the unemployed

Many Spanish tourists

Gun amnesty

Toy guns confiscated

Housing Minister 'cowardly bitch'

No peeking at the prisoners

Abuses behind bars

AA/DG returns to activism

Calling names: month in prison

Bicycle flat too expensive

Stop demolition in West

Businesses should flee city

Most irritating traffic light at Frederiksplein

Looking at art on the street at night

Encampment at the Museumplein

No running after headscarves

Record shops are holding out

Cadat is blogging for the neighbourhood again

Ethnic votes crucial

Workfare victim was given job

Passport control stigmatises Southeast voter

Anger and awareness boost turnout

Clean air: Amsterdam among the best

Traffic light: vote now

New twist to blowverbod

Riva site: the hatchet has been buried

Bloggers in Amsterdam

Minaret to be 42 meters high after all

Social policies quite good

Taj Mahal in Amsterdam

ChristenUnie to mobilise African voters

Small parties may be successful

Zuidas only for rich residents

Most active voter mobilisation in Osdorp and De Baarsjes

OLVG does help the uninsured

Amsterdam as emancipation machine

Living room of the future is a disappointment

GroenLinks wants debate on architecture

No punishment for A10 roadblock

Elect the Amsterdammer of 2005

Mayor wants opportunities for the poor


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