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More politicians on board of housing corporations

Amsterdam knows the typical phenomenon of former politicians playing an important role in the supervision of housing corporations, NUL20 wrote six years ago. This has not changed since: the number of supervisory board members with a political background has in fact risen slightly. In 2010, large housing corporations in Amsterdam had on average 1.7 politicians serving on the supervisory board, compared to 1.1 nationally.

3 June 2012 |

Campaign against dangerous bollards

Each year, 325 cyclists end up in hospital due to accidents involving bollards on bicycle paths. Cyclists’ organisation Fietsersbond has launched a volunteer campaign to photograph and describe bollards on major Amsterdam bicycle paths. The results will be presented to the district administrations.

1 June 2012 |

Apps for Amsterdam 2012

In two weeks, Apps for Amsterdam 2012 will be launched, the competition for apps that use open data from government and businesses. This year it will not suffice to create a smart app; successfully putting it on the market will also be a criterion by which submissions are evaluated. Last year, 47 apps participated in the contest.

1 June 2012 |


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