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Silly season in Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport is a black hole for laptops and people in Noord give more to charities if they can pay electronically. It is silly season, so news stories about research findings should be treated with caution.

Recently, consumers’ organisation Consumentenbond published a study showing that Amsterdam terraces tend to be more expensive than those in other cities. And research institute Stadspeil is currently polling people on what they miss about Amsterdam when on holiday.

5 August 2008 |

Vodou blog

Mud, blood and dark rum: on 1 November, an exhibition on vodou (also known as voodoo) will open at the Tropenmuseum. The museum’s curator is keeping a blog on the preparations in Haiti.

The exhibition ‘Vodou - Art & Mysticism’ includes objects made for the secret Bizango societies, which originate in slavery and the violent freedom fight. Many objects will be exhibited outside Haiti for the first time.

1 August 2008 |


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