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Communist daily in 1965: Bicycle ‘Cinderella of the road’

From 1965, communist daily ‘De Waarheid’ waged a campaign for separated bicycle lanes in Amsterdam. Until that moment, only the Leidsestraat had had a dedicated bicycle lane, but since bicycles had been banned from that route. “And thus the bicycle, while being first among the means of transportation, remained the Cinderella of the road.”

26 August 2012 |

Results of phone book pilot not to be disclosed

The company publishing the Dutch phone book will not disclose the results of a pilot in Amsterdam and the Hague, where people with a ‘Nee / Nee’ (no advertising, no free local papers) sticker on their letter box will no longer receive an unwanted phone book, a spokesperson of the company told Webwereld.

15 August 2012 |


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