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‘Districs to be stripped of power, elections remain’

In 2014, there will still be elections for the district councils, but the districts will have fewer powers, AT5 reported last week. In the Parool, spokesman Paul Slettenhaar of the districts declined to comment on the plans, but he did confirm that districts will have limited policy-making powers in the future.

According to AT5, it is being planned to reduce the number of council members from 29 to 19 and to abolish dualism, that is, the district governors will be voting members of the council.

Slettenhaar (VVD), district chairman of Zuid, told the Parool that the districts will mainly be carrying out policies set elsewhere. When asked what the use will be of having democratic control at district level, Slettenhaar responded that the ‘couleur locale’ of districts need not disappear.

30 September 2012 |