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Alderman: ‘retail sector trivializes waste problem’

Shoe stores in Amsterdam will launch a pilot where customers will be asked if they want a plastic bag, rather than giving one automatically. Alderman Maarten van Poelgeest is not satisfied with the efforts of the retail sector to reduce the number of plastic bags.

The Party for the Animals has proposed to introduce a plastic bag tax, but according to the municipality this is not legally possible. Instead, the alderman has had talks with industry organisations RND and CBL on how to reduce the number of plastic bags. The result so far is the shoe branche pilot.

Van Poelgeest writes to the city council that the measures are ‘nothing new’. He reproaches the RND for trivializing the problem. He calls the efforts ‘disproportionately limited’ and insists on additional measures. Among other things, he wants something done about the disposable bags handed out by supermarkets.

15 September 2012 |