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Receipts from Nieuw-West

The Nieuw-West district has published the accounts of the council’s expenses over 2011. No shocking amounts, but it’s interesting to see how parties spend their budgets. The item ‘meetings’ (bijeenkomsten) includes coaching for a party meeting (CDA), teambuilding (GroenLinks) and a weekend away with the party’s council members (PvdA). D66 spends a large share of its budget on an assistant, the VVD relatively much on meals and drinks. Almost all parties spend a significant amount on flowers, wreaths and ribbons for the remembrance of the war victims on 4 May.

The CDA has one seat on the council, which may explain the relatively high expenses per seat. The Spork Group splintered off GroenLinks in 2011 (despite the teambuilding) and has filed no expenses. Most parties have spent (significantly) less than the available budget over 2011. The audit committee says the budgets have been used with restraint. Last year, SP and Tulpen voor Amsterdam proposed to cut the budgets, but that proposal did not get majority support.

12 May 2012 |