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‘Grachtengordel’ moves a bit to the left

If elections were to be held now, the Grachtengordel (i.e. residents of the central canals) would vote a bit more leftist than in the elections for Parliament in 2010. This can be concluded from a poll held by Parool and O+S to test the myth that the Grachtengordel is a bulwark of the left-wing elite.

Apart from the changes in political preferences, the results are hardly surprising. Compared to the rest of the city, the Grachtengordel voted more VVD and less PvdA; more D66 and less SP. Meanwhile, the assumption that Grachtengordel residents belong to the cultural elite was confirmed. Broadcasting stations people do not watch on principle include Powned, EO and SBS6.

The comparison of the 2010 election outcome with the 2012 poll should be interpreted with care, because of the effect of rounding numbers and because the margin of error of the poll is unknown. Yet the shift for especially VVD and PvdA appears large enough to assume a real effect.

8 April 2012 |