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Febo not weird enough

The Febo fast-food vending machines may have inspired a New York spin-off, but they are simply not weird enough to make it into Wired’s list of the world’s weirdest vending machines.

Vending machines “are available 24 hours and can empower even the shyest of shoppers to buy normally embarrassing items (toilet paper, anyone?)” writes Charlie Sorrell. “But for every beverage machine in the gym there is a surreal counterpart, sometimes handy, and sometimes just plain nutty”.

In the comments to the article the Febo chain is brought up, but it is easy to see that our ‘evil-smelling fast-food places’ (The Rough Guide) do not measure up to the competition:

Marijuana vending machine in California. The machine can only be used by registered patients who need marijuana for medical reasons. ‘Neat, and surprisingly civilised’.

Umbrella vending machine, Tokyo. ‘This is one of the more sensible machines’.

Used schoolgirls’ panties vending machine, Japan (photo). Not an urban legend, experts assert, but the machines were banned in 1993.

Egg vending machine, also from Japan. Apparently, the eggs come in bags.

Book vending machine, London Gatwick. “No way, that's the coolest vending machine ever. Or at least it would be if it had ‘literature’ in it rather than the usual shit they sell at airports”.

Wired, Febo in New York

15 August 2008 |